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These Hands – A Launch to Remember

Music Therapy Month is one to acknowledge for many reasons but especially in Hospice Palliative Care.  The Music Therapy program led by Music Therapist Jill Murphy is very special to palliative care patients and families, encompassing unique and personalized experiences for all involved.

This year we are excited to introduce a meaningful video created by Jill working with palliative care patients, family members, medical professionals, admin staff, volunteers, kitchen and cleaning staff.  It is entitled “My Hands”, written by Nova Scotia songwriter and musician, Dave Gunning (provided with permission) and inspired by former palliative care patient Ryan Marsh, who was a big fan of Gunning.  The voice and hand images found in this piece reflect the value of all who contribute to and experience life in the palliative care program. The video was launched among patients, family members, hospice staff and volunteers on February 28th. Patients also participated in planning and decorating for the launch which was a great and touching success.

Every role has meaning and we encourage you to view this touching video by searching Hospice Cape Breton on YouTube or using the following link: