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Hospice Cape Breton Marks First Anniversary of Patient Care

On March 14th, 2022, Hospice Cape Breton welcomed its first patients. It was a special
and emotional day for many, especially the staff and physicians of the Nova Scotia Health Palliative Care
Service who would now be providing end‐of‐life care for patients and their loved ones in a new and
home‐like environment. It was also a special day for the Hospice Palliative Care Society of Cape Breton
County as board members would now witness the completion of the Circle of Care and the efforts to
build a Hospice come to fruition.

In completing the Circle of Care, Hospice Cape Breton builds upon the foundations of the An Cala
Inpatient Unit and the many other settings of care from which quality palliative end‐of‐life care
continues to be delivered.

The Society’s 35‐year existence has been about creating the pieces that support end‐of‐life comfort and
care the Service provides in all settings – home, in hospital, long‐term care, the An Cala Unit for pain and
symptom management and now Hospice. All efforts to reach this point have been collaborative, working
in partnership with the Nova Scotia Health’s Palliative Care Service. Meeting the needs of patients and
families in the setting of their need or choice has long been a goal of both entities and allows for the
most appropriate care in the most appropriate place at the most appropriate time.

In the past year, 89 patients have received end‐of‐life care in Hospice Cape Breton. As Jane Lewis,
Society Board Chair notes, “The arrival of patients was a pinnacle event and the unique partnership that
exists between the volunteer Society and Nova Scotia Health’s Palliative Care Service is one that
consistently demonstrates commitment to dignity and respect for the wishes of those facing end‐of‐
life.” This is realized through the knowledgeable and compassionate care of staff and physicians, the
many kindnesses of volunteers, the programs that support families and loved ones, including an amazing
music therapy program. Equally as important, it is the generosity of many donors who contribute the
funds that expand programs and sustain the needs that are as unique as the patients themselves.
Dying is part of life and hospice palliative care cannot add days to life, but can ensure there is life in
one’s days. Bright private rooms, quiet rooms, a children’s play area, a large family area and a stunning
garden are some of the features that comprise the Hospice. These spaces and others ensure that at this
time, families can focus on each other, knowing they have specialized health care professionals,
dedicated volunteers, and a community who cares deeply for their well‐being at a challenging time in

As Dr. Anne Frances D’Intino, Interim Medical Director of Hospice adds, “This past year has been an
enriching experience for those of us working at Hospice Cape Breton. It has been our great privilege to
journey with many patients and their loved ones as they approached the last weeks and months of their
lives. This beautiful purpose‐built facility helps the team provide them with quality end‐of‐life care in a
setting specifically designed to enable residents and families to make the most of the time that they
have remaining.


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