New Local Hospice Nearing Completion

New Local Hospice Nearing Completion

May 6, 2021

It’s National Hospice Palliative Care Week in Canada  and this year’s theme is focused on Advocacy, Awareness, Funding and Access   The theme hits close to home for Hospice Cape Breton as it prepares to open the area’s new ten-bed Hospice.  The Hospice located on Charles Herney Awti (St)—adjacent to Terry Way– is expected to welcome patients this fall.

Construction of the $5.6 Hospice is expected to be completed in late June.  Over the summer, the Hospice will be furnished and finished, while the Circle of Life gardens will be planted and the grounds landscaped.  This new setting of care will also be the backdrop for further education for health care professionals and volunteers.

“The generosity of this community is the reason we can open this fall,’’ said Patricia Jackson, Co-Chair of Hospice Cape Breton.  We are so thankful to those who have donated, and of course to the many dedicated volunteers who have helped raise the funds. In reality the community has been donating for as many years as the Society has existed but the Hospice has been our largest project ever.”

Planning for the Hospice specifically has been in the works for more than a decade.   It will allow Hospice Cape Breton to complete the circle of care it has been providing to the community for over 35 years.  Advocacy has been key throughout the years in addition to working with the NSH Palliative Care Service.   Hospice Cape Breton will now be providing support at home, in hospital, in long term care, the An Cala Unit and in the new Hospice.

The needs of the patients and their families are being incorporated into every aspect of the interior design as well.  The colours are tranquil and reflective of a coastal retreat.  The family room includes a kitchen, dining area, lounge and children’s play area. There are many features that do not currently exist and will bring additional comfort to patients and families.  The windows throughout enable lovely views of the garden and natural environment that surrounds the building.

“This is really all about giving families the time and space to focus on each other during one of life’s most critical times,” said Irene Khattar, Co-Chair of Hospice Cape Breton.   We still have work to do and funds to raise in order to furnish and finish the Hospice, but we are getting closer every day and we are extremely  grateful to those who are making it possible.”

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