Making Hospice Home: Donor Catalogue

Thank you for taking the time to look through the Hospice donor catalog.

All of the items are available for purchase to help us furnish and finish our community’s Hospice.

If you wish to make a purchase, you can do so by contacting Alicia at 902-562-0662 or
visiting our donation page here and selecting “Making Hospice Home Catalogue” under the fund drop down menu.

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It evokes a range of feelings. For most of us, it evokes images of family, of security and of love. That is exactly the environment the Hospice Society is creating in our community’s new ten-bed Hospice. The Hospice represents the circle of life, and the circle motif can be found throughout. Thanks to the design expertise of Marjorie Fougere, the Hospice is awash in sandy colours, blues and aquas for a tranquil and calming effect. While the surroundings are beautiful, they are also functional, with the needs of patients and their families woven into every design detail.

To furnish and finish the Hospice, all standards and codes had to be strictly followed, respecting both infection control and fire code regulations. All of the fabrics are enhanced soil and stain resistant, include a fluid barrier, are bleach solution cleanable and are GREENGUARD certified. As a result, the cost of some of the items needed in the Hospice are more than one would typically pay to furnish a home.

That is why we need your help.


We hope you can find it in your heart to help us complete this project. This catalog contains the items that are needed for each of the patient and family rooms, as well as the reflection and therapy rooms that are part of the facility. It’s a catalog that cares.

Should you choose to purchase one of these special items, you can be assured you are helping to create a space that will offer comfort and care for those who will use these rooms for years to come. So please, browse through these pages, and if you can, help us to make our Hospice a home.



The patient rooms are big and bright and are designed for both comfort and care.
The furniture serves multiple functions while meeting all infection control and fire code regulations. The furniture is functional, and it is also beautiful, offering all of the comforts of home.

This bed offers the best in technology, making it easier for both the caregiver and the patient to get a good night’s sleep. The siderails contain the controls for both the patient and the caregiver, where the bed’s nightlights, height, back and foot angles can be controlled. There is a bed exit alarm, patient control lockout and smart screen on the footboard. Side rails are released by caregivers at the touch of a button. By far, one of the best features is the bed extender, allowing for comfortable cuddles at any hour. Cozy quilts will add the finishing touch, lovingly made by the dedicated volunteers that continue to serve the Hospice and those within it. The over-the-bed table offers convenience and comfort for the patient at meal-time and ensures needed items are within easy reach.

Comfortable seating is key to any room, and the recliners found in each room are all about comfort and safety. The patient can get in and out of the chair easily thanks to the unique lift mechanism. Both the footrest and back are motorized, making comfort possible at the touch of a button. The seating encourages conversations whether taking in the beautiful garden views or enjoying the soft lighting of the bedside lamps.

The beautiful sofas that will be found in each room serve multiple functions. The circle motif is a tribute to the circle of life which is themed throughout the building. Two can sit comfortably, and a work surface is available when needed. They also fold down to a comfortable sleeping surface—ensuring that family members are never more than a few feet away at any time of the day or night.

The mini-fridges offer convenient access to favourite snacks and drinks while the table covering the fridges can house family photos or cherished ornaments. The spacious wardrobes can easily and neatly store personal belongings. The bedside tables include storage and will house the beautiful lamps that will provide warm, soft lighting for each room. The benches in each room offer even more storage and adds available seating space, ensuring that even more family members can comfortably spend time together.

The 43” Smart screen TVs and wall mounts ensure families can continue to share favourite shows, or reminisce about their many shared and special moments through home movies.

Or course, no home would be complete without beautiful wall art. The walls throughout the Hospice will be adorned with tasteful pictures that will complement the décor found in each room.




The Family Room’s many windows will take full advantage of the garden views, which will provide a kaleidoscope of colours with every passing season. Its’ bright and airy atmosphere will provide the perfect backdrop for family meals, which can easily be shared thanks to the ample dining space. The room will contain two round dining tables for six, two square tables for four, and 20 chairs. Naturally, the dining area is just off the kitchen, where dedicated volunteers will prepare home-made treats, soups and yummy meals with that home-

made touch. The big island will house six chairs where families can enjoy a warm treat, a welcoming smile or simply chat with someone who shares their experience.

The Family Room will give families the time and space they need to be together. Two love seats, two swivel chairs, large bench and two occasional chairs will provide ample space for families to enjoy each other. Families can gather around the cozy fireplace or listen to someone play their favourite tunes on the piano. Tucked to one side is a children’s play area to ensure the wee ones feel very much at home. It’s a room where old memories will be shared, and new ones will be made.



Sometimes it is important to have a space to gather your thoughts, or just have a private conversation. The Reflection Room provides exactly that. The sofa, side tables and two chairs will provide a calm and welcoming atmosphere. The room will be equipped with a podium to host small ceremonies, such as graduations or wedding celebrations. The wire globe within the room will always point to the East, to ensure those called to prayer have the space to respectfully observe their faith.



Many of the rooms within the Hospice can serve multiple functions. All are designed to feel like home—for everyone in our community. That’s certainly true of the Alternative Therapy Room. The room will be vented to accommodate smudging ceremonies, and will have a separate entrance where families can easily come and go.

The sofa, 14 chairs and two tables will ensure that art and music therapy programs can be accommodated comfortably. In the window, a specially commissioned dream catcher will be placed in honour of the Indigenous community that surrounds and nourishes us. Mother’s nature’s bounty can be seen through the large window, where every season will provide its own unique backdrop.



The large windows will have a double-blind system. The front blind is light filtering allowing natural light in the room but not the glare of the sun. The one behind can be lowered to provide room darkening for sleeping.



So many beautiful images, these are a few samples.



Being close to nature can be transformative. That’s why the gardens that will surround the Hospice are so important. They are being created with loving detail, designed to highlight the hues and moods of every season. They will showcase the best of Cape Breton’s indigenous plants and trees. In tribute to the circle of life, the gardens are designed in circular patterns. The gardens will feature the fortitude of winter evergreens, the perfusion of summer perennials and annuals as well as the glory of autumn foliage.

The gardens will also be completely accessible. Thanks to a set of double doors, the beds can be rolled out so patients and families can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the gardens together. The design also includes privacy screening for patients and families.

Several benches and patio furniture will be placed throughout, where hanging baskets and several birdfeeders will provide endless hours of colourful activity. The shrubs, trees and flowers will share the spotlight as the seasons change, each peaking with the unique shades of the season. The gardens will be visible from many vantage points within the Hospice, thanks to the many windows throughout the Hospice.



Thank you for helping us make our Hospice a home.

Your generosity will have a tremendous impact on the patients and families who will benefit from this facility. You are helping to provide comfort and care at a time when it is most needed. Of course, tax receipts will be issued. We are so grateful for your support. We sincerely hope your decision to give circles back to you many times over.



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