Hospice Residence Campaign Update

Hospice Residence Campaign Update

Every day brings us one step closer to opening the doors of the planned Hospice Residence for Cape Breton County. We are so grateful for the support and encouragement we receive from so many in this amazing community. Many have attended our announcements, events and have acted on our request for the needed funds to build the Hospice Residence. In fact, your donations have assisted us in achieving over 75% of the Campaign’s $5.2 million goal. Thank you!

The Campaign truly came to the forefront in June when the Society publicly launched the campaign with over 200 of our supporters attending the event It was a wonderful opportunity to announce our progress, update the community about our plans and of course publicly acknowledge our donors who believe in this project.

We enthusiastically attend Campaign events and we thank our loyal supporters and volunteers for the success of Shake, Rattle and Roll, Hospice Pop Up Shop, Together We Care golf tournament, Dancing with the Stars and Burger Week. These fundraisers have raised close to $300,000 toward our campaign in 2019.

As you read this message, please know that our work is ongoing and the Campaign committees are committed to sustaining the momentum necessary to achieve our goal. It’s often through our discussions with community members, donors, and friends of the Society, that we hear heartwarming stories from those who have

had their lives touched by Hospice Palliative Care and the services provided by the wonderful staff and volunteers who support patients and families.


Monica and Brian Shebib