Friends for Hospice

Friends for Hospice

Making the most of every precious moment

Our new Hospice Residence is currently under construction on Terry Way!

10 Friends for Hospice

For more than 30 years, the work of Hospice Cape Breton has been made possible through the generous support of Cape Bretoners from all walks of life. That support is needed now more than ever.

The land where the new Hospice is located is valued at $1.2 million and was generously donated and cleared by Membertou Development.   Thanks to Membertou, and so many others, we have raised over $4 million of our $5.6 million goal.  Now, we need your help to furnish and finish this much needed facility.

While the Society continues to support patients in An Cala and the community, Covid 19 has forced us to cancel or suspend our usual fund-raising events for 2020.  The Friends for Hospice campaign has been launched for this reason.  It will take more than a global pandemic to halt the work of determined Cape Bretoners, committed to providing end-of-life care to those in our community needing our support.

The Friends for Hospice campaign builds on the concept of friends helping friends, and relies on the multiplying factor of 10.  We are confident our many loyal Hospice friends will help us cross the finish line, so we can open the doors in 2021.

Please help us to reach our goal.  Sign your pledge card today!

Ways to Give

Giving is easy and convenient. You don’t have to remember or do anything!  Once you sign your pledge card and choose your option, our office will follow up to set you up for direct deposit from a designated bank account, or charge to a valid charge card. One-time gifts of any amount are also gratefully accepted.

1000 Friends

A $1,000 donation may be easier to give than you think!

  • $10 per week for 100 weeks (that’s less than 2 years)
  • $20 per week for 50 weeks (less than 1 year)
  • $28 per month, over 3 years (that’s $1,008)
  • 20 gifts of $50 over 2 or 3 years (you choose the months for deduction)
  • 10 gifts of $100 over 1, 2 or 3 years (you choose the months for deduction)

Just think, over 3 years, a $1000 pledge is less than $1 per day! If 1000 friends can donate $1000, that’s ONE MILLION DOLLARS!


Give what you can. Pledge what you can.

Pledging makes it possible for people who wish to give a larger gift to Hospice to do so over time.

  • $10 per week for 50 weeks is $500
  • $25 per month for 24 months is $600
  • $1 per day for 2 years is $730
  • Or opt for 10 gifts of any dollar amount

Donors may withdraw their pledge at any time should circumstances change. All it takes is a call to the Hospice campaign office. Tax receipts will be issued annually.

Contact Us

Hospice Palliative Care Society Of Cape Breton County
Circle of Care Campaign Office
Suite 100, 1464 George Street
Sydney, NS  B1P 1P3

Phone: 902-562-0662