Memories Cast in Stone

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On June 4, 2018 a Memorial Service was held to remember patients in the Palliative Care Service who passed away between September 2017 and March 2018. It was one of two services held annually, with the other taking place in November. Upon arrival, each family member was asked to choose from a range of unique stones to hold on to during the service, and take with them upon leaving. The service honoured 297 patients with the stones, in song and in quiet reflection.

The “Significance of the Stone” was read by one of the palliative care nursing staff:

As you came in the door this evening each of you selected a stone.
Each stone is unique.
Some are weathered and worn and others are
Smooth and delicate. Its journey to get here was as varied as the paths that have
Led you here this evening.
This stone is a symbol of strength and endurance, qualities many of you
Displayed throughout your loved ones’ journey. As we move
Through this service, we ask that you hold onto the stone and think
of your loved one.
We hope that you will keep this stone at home or in a special place and at a moment.
When you may need a bit of strength, take comfort in knowing that your stone endures.