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We recognize that the current economic situation is challenging to many of us, which is why we’re so grateful for each and every gift of both your time and your money. Cape Breton’s generosity never diminishes and it is deeply appreciated by us, the patients and their families.

“The dying need the community, its help and its friendship…the community needs the dying to make it think of eternal issues and to make us listen.”~ Dame Cicely Saunders, founder Hospice movement, England

The Palliative Care Society of Cape Breton County thanks you!

In 2014 there were approximately 1400 patients registered with the Palliative Care Service.
At any one time the Society supports more than 200 people in Palliative Care Service in the An Cala in-patient unit, other hospital units in the community and in the home.
Every little bit helps – for example, a $20 donation will provide a patient’s family with a monthly parking pass or a $50 donation will go towards the baking supplies for the An Cala family kitchen

Your donations make possible all the varied and individual services offered by the Society.

To support and promote compassionate care for individuals and their loved ones who are living with a life-threatening illness.